New Website – Old Feelings

Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

As we’re launching this new website, it has forced me to revisit thousands of photos of past projects. Frankly, forgotten projects. What’s incredible is that it takes me a while to recognize a few of them – “did we do that?”.

What’s more incredible are the emotions I feel when scanning through them. It’s scanning through time, really.

Just as a smell takes you back in time, revisiting these projects evokes very strong feelings inside of me- deep feelings, that I felt many years ago. Memories of learning the trade from my Father, mistakes made, mistakes corrected, long hours to deliver projects, the satisfaction of completing something that will outlive me, marrying, my children born, clients turned to friends…

As small part of me and my Father are left inside those homes. A decade or so for me. A quarter-century for my Father. Thank You to our friends for letting us into their homes.


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